The Elf Kingdom
A beautiful place where elves of Thistle's race, other fantasy creatures and humans coexist.

King Euboron's Castle

The home of King Euboron and his adopted children. Ever since Thistle has been gone, Euboron renovated his castle; turning the dungeons into bedrooms for his adopted children and a small room for their pet dragon, Luco.

Peter Pallet's Village

A village that Peter Pallet mentioned in 'The Elm-Chanted Forest' movie. It's not really far from the forest itself and the kingdom. His village is small but not really small and the leader is a 25 year old woman who (whenever she decides) holds up parties and festivals.

Faun Village

Where Fauns and Satyrs live. Very far from the kingdom.

Dragon Village

Where dragons live. Luco use to live there but dragon hunters captured them (except Luco) and destroyed their village.